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Sino-foreign joint venture, Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. The total investment of the company is 2.6 billion RMB. Tayo is a national level high-tech company which is the first company to get the custom AEO high level certificate. Our company covers an area of 600 acres and has existing staff of nearly 3000 people. 60% of the staff hold college degree or above. Zontes is one of the brands of Tayo, targeting large and middle displacement motorcycles and mini-cars.
Tayo focus on invention and innovation. We has 256 appearance of patents, 121 utility model patents, 36 invention patents, three Guangdong science and technology innovation award. Over one hundred national or municipal leaders have visited Tayo and give us highly evaluation.
Strategy development: focus on material structure, manufacturing technology, precision process , intelligent control, energy conservation, environmental protection, safe and durable and so on. the breakthrough of the new technology and research can help us gain more efficient and reliable new method used in the manufacture of carrying small displacement engine light vehicles, thereby reducing exhaust emission pollution.

Manufacturing ability:Tayo has fully automated robot manufacturing sector: 1. The aluminum alloy high pressure casting; 2. Magnetic mould injection molding; 3. Four axis displacement motorcycle frame welding; 4. The four axis deflection machine muffler welding; 5. Tank non-trace seam welding; 6. Aluminum alloy surface coating; 7. Totally enclosed robot coating; 8. The seat cushion intradermal foaming molding; 9. ERP system integration three-dimensional warehouse. Semi-automatic machine high precision manufacturing sector: 1. CNC four axis nc machining; 2. Gear machining and heat treatment; 3. Nc stretch forming tank; 4. Aluminum alloy low pressure casting; 5. Aluminum alloy frame welding; 6. Motorcycle and engine assembly; 7. Electric vehicle parts and components manufacturing and assembly.
Management software: independent development of "Tayo work platform" software, integration module includes: 1. office automation; 2. HR and performance appraisal; 3. Comprehensive budget management; 4. The workshop of intelligent management; 5. Vertical three-dimensional warehouse management; 6. Quality monitoring and complaint; 7. PLM design change and management; 8. E-commerce purchasing platform; 9. The network distribution and forecasting management; 10. Suppliers management; 11. remote control the third party logistics management; 12. dining hall consumption management; 13. remote campus recruitment substantially; 14. To realize the seamless docking with mature ERP system.

Management idea: adhering to the management law of the upstream downstream. If we found the problem , we only have the higher level management to take the job responsibilities, make each post staff to form the habit of supervising the working upstream and complaints , once the problem goes to their next post , they will take responsibility. This pattern weakens in middle management cadres do referees, opportunity to shirk responsibility, blocked the problem step by step until the source, so as to realize not to accept bad product, not make bad product, and not let out bad product. The ultimate management ideal is no cadres, to implement the work assigned by the management software system, automatic lifting of assessment, rewards and punishment and compensation.

Personnel training: Tayo sticks to recruit fresh graduates from school for more than a decade for the principle; adhere to the principal of cultivating the heads of each department by ourselves. Training, learning, viewing is an important work part of Tayo employees, practice with professional level of innovation and the ability to solve the problem is the only way in Tayo to get promotion.
Salary system: the company original qualification management system, not on the basis of the cadre position, no post subsidies; not based on seniority, not based on work years; Only on the basis of the ability to work, that is, you are qualified for what, when employees have mastered a skill, qualified independently to do the job qualification level will go up. New graduate students will get pay according to their school category, professional quality, degree of qualifying and recruitment exam results as the initial qualification level. In addition to basic salary, performance appraisal, bonuses, project bonus, prize is also an important part of new profit in pay structures, according to the ability and the contribution distribution, finally realizes the new profit bonus into the staff's main revenue is the company's compensation goal.

People-oriented, high value-added products through continuous research and development innovation, and constantly improve the product, so that employees share a sense of achievement from high income and happiness is the management goal of Tayo company forever.
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